If You Can't Beat The Zombies, Eat The Zombies

Illustration for article titled If You Can't Beat The Zombies, Eat The Zombies

Eating the undead isn't just for Japan anymore. From the makers of Zombie Blood energy drink comes Zombie Jerky Dead Meat Chunks, "the first slimy, green, beef jerky packaged in a bright-orange biohazard specimen bag." I feel sick.


Harcos, the company that brought you Mana Energy Potion, Blood Energy Potion, and of course, Zombie Blood, now enters the dried beef market with Zombie Jerky Dead Meat Chunks. As promised, these slimy green chunks of dried meat are packed inside a simulated specimen bag, which I can only imagine helps strengthen the gag reflex considerably.

"When we saw that Japanese blue zombie jerky come out a few months ago and couldn't buy it ourselves, we thought it was a capital idea to make our own in green. It's a natural follow-on product to our packaged Zombie Blood," said Aaron Rasmussen, co-founder and vice president of marketing, Harcos Laboratories.

The disgusting novelty meat will soon be available for $4.99 per 1.25 oz. bag at the Living with Bloodlust website or equally gross places, like Hot Topic.

I'm going to go throw up now.



Wouldn't eating zombie flesh turn you into a zombie?