If Valve Was Hinting About Half-Life 3 On Saturday, They Were Being Very Vague

This one's a bit of a stretch… but then, what am I talking about? It's never a stretch when it comes to Valve.


People are already parsing the video that the company showed at last weekend's Spike Video Game Awards show, in which the Portal 2 character Wheatley put in a humorous, short plea to the audience to A) give him the "Character of the Year" award and B) help him get home.

This being a Valve video, viewers are convinced that the video also contains clues to the studios inevitable (but maddeningly mysterious, eternally unannounced) follow-up to Half-Life 2. Found via Rock, Paper Shotgun, this 1/2-speed video helps to parse whatever clues there were in the 30-second video.

For starters, Wheatley ends his speech by saying "one, one, one," which of course adds up to… three. Also, the text in the video reads "Observation Satellite "Lanthanum," which (apparently) is Greek for "To lie hidden." It is also a medication for use helping those with kidney disorders, and is a chemical with the atomic number 57.

It could be a reference to just about anything, including Wheatley himself ("lying hidden"), but as RPS points out, the first letter of "Lanthanum" in Greek is indeed a Lambda, otherwise known as the symbol for Half-Life.

Hmm. Seems like a stretch to me, but then again, why the heck else would they choose to include a greek word beginning with "L" in their video? Oh, Valve. How you taunt us.

Source: Rock, Paper Shotgun



Maybe finally someone came up with a good mod Valve can adapt to HL3 since they have no ideas of their own, and the ones they do are awful.

Seriously, the writing in HL is atrocious, especially with a character like G-Man who is essentially a "Yea this wacky thing happened, GMAN DID IT", why bother explaning anything when you have a walking deus ex machina.

And Gordon himself, a nerd type character who also happens to be nearly supermodel hot and everyone fawns all over, yea the developers aren't projecting at ALL, nope not at all.

HL1 worked well because all interactions went "Help me with this Gordon" HL2 doesn't because people are heaping tons of exposition on Gordon and his reply to everything is "..."

Same with Alyx falling for him, yes totally believable that the pretty girl falls for the mute that just stares at her, unblinking while she confess her feelings, but hey more projecting I guess.

I've heard the whole "BUT YOU ARE GORDON THATS WHY HE DOESNT TALK ITS YOU REPLYING" Nope, sorry, horseshit, excuses from fanboys trying to defend it, the narrative is pretty cut and dry with no player interjection at all. Gordon needs a voice.

I've also heard the arguments for "BUT GORDON CAN'T TALK" yes he can, if Valve can come up with semi decent voiced lines for their other titles they can sure as hell give Gordon a voice and hire a competent voice actor to boot.

And I sure as hell hope this means they're coming out with a new source engine.