If This Is the Future of Gaming, Then We're All Gonna Look So Stupid

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If you thought you looked like a goober while playing plastic guitars, you ain't seen nothing yet. Mocap Games promises players a full immersive experience that puts them directly in the game. That isn't necessarily a good thing.


It is a good thing for those who like looking like goobers.

Recently, Mocap Games shows off its motion capture game Sci-Shoota, which puts motion capture type gear on players, headsets, and has them spin around on chairs and walk in place. That's the future of video games, folks, sitting on a chair, covered in gear, and walking in place. Cannot. Wait.


Motion controls can add a lot, but why reinvent the wheel when the wheel works pretty damn well.

MoCap Game's Sci-Shoota VR Game In Action [Arcade Heroes]

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...why is it so important how you look when you play a game? Seriously, I read this all the time in articles here. The Kinect makes you look stupid because you need to move your body in certain ways. The Wii makes you look stupid because you have to wave your arms like crazy. Plastic guitars make you look stupid.

They all do make you look stupid, but that's not the point. This MoCap VR looks like great technology. You don't wear it on the bus on your way to work (unless they make a 3DS/Vita version, hehe), you wear it at home, where it shouldn't matter how you look playing a game! Unless maybe your new girlfriend visits your home for the very first time - it certainly doesn't look that ...sexy.