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Sony President Trolls Everyone

Illustration for article titled Sony President Trolls Everyone

For the past few days, passionate PlayStation fans have been waging a campaign to convince Sony not to restrict used games on the PS4.


They've taken to Twitter, posting messages with the hashtag #PS4NoDRM—an acronym for Digital Rights Management, which has become the common term for technology that limits how digital products (like video games) can be used. The campaign's goal: to ensure that we can buy, sell, and borrow games on the PS4 without restriction.


This morning, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, one of the few Sony execs who is active on Twitter and hasn't addressed the campaign yet, responded in the best way possible: by trolling everyone.

Sony business development manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad joined the fun too.


Well played, Sony. The good news is: if Sony executives are joking around about this stuff on Twitter, chances are they don't have anything super-restrictive planned for the PS4. Because if they do, and they're still trolling people... well, those people will riot in the streets.

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If Sony can avoid DRM this gen and MS stick with it, it will be the fastest anyone has ever won a console war.. ever. The One will be basically dead on arrival, not just due to the issue itself but the absolute maelstrom of bad press the Bone will suffer in response.