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If Only Modern Pokemon Games Looked Like This

Yes, Pokemon X & Y looks excellent, visually. But even so, looking at the photoshop handiwork of Justin—Bieber, it's hard not to fantasize about an entire Pokemon game in this particular style, with backgrounds like these.


I mean, it's gorgeous! So much detail. Take a look:


Granted, we don't have to leave the sprites to the imagination (or wait until X & Y's release)—artist Noscium has cooked up a number of awesome Mega Evolution sprites already, along with sprites of the new Pokemon in X & Y. Check em out:

Illustration for article titled If Only Modern emPokemon/em Games Looked Like This

You can check out more of Noscium's work here.

I like to put Pokémon sprites on Pixel backgrounds [Justin—Bieber]

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I like that they have the other legendary birds out and about in the world, and then Articuno is just chilling on the ground in a factory