This picture of Manhattan, by graphic designers Jack Schulze and Matt Webb, shows what the island would look like rolled up over the horizon. Looks familiar, doesn't it?

That's because the work, called "Here & There", was partly inspired by Halo (which, it must be noted, was in turn influenced by the work of Larry Niven). But that's not where the gaming influence ends: while cataloguing the inspiration for the piece, Schulze writes "I don't like the way maps (in-game maps) work in most video games."

"They seem to break my flow of play, and locating one's actor in the game isn't satisfying. I'd love to see a first person or third person shooter where the landscape bent up to reveal a limited arc of the landscape in plan over distance."

So in putting the map together, the creators cite not just Halo, but Grand Theft Auto, SimCity, Syndicate and even Luigi's Mansion as having contributed towards their idea for the picture, all (presumably) because of the way they depict the world around the player.

Here & There influences [Here & There, via Gizmodo]