If Limbo Was A Movie, It Would Look Like This

The eerie, kind of creepy atmosphere of 2010's Limbo is captured perfectly in this short film by Jesper Eriksson. It's kind of uncanny, to the point that I was surprised to find no mention of the game in an interview with Eriksson about the short.

If you told me this was Limbo-inspired, I'd have believed you. Especially with the ending, you can kind of look at this film as a prequel to Limbo. Alas, for now—as far as I can tell—this video by PUFFILMS resembling Limbo is a weird coincidence.

EDIT: Eriksson reached out to me and issued the following statement:

"Between Beasts is greatly inspired by Limbo and the works of Tim Burton, I don't know if I can match playdead's or Mr. Burton's brilliance in any way, but they were a large part of my inspiration. Though the short isn't intended as any kind of fan fiction."


Between Beasts (A short film by Jesper Eriksson) [PUFFILMS]

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Goddamnit I still need to play this. TIME! Y U FLY!?