If Game of Thrones Were Set In Super Mario World

My favorite Thing On The Internet today is this reimagining of the Game of Thrones intro in Super Mario World, created by YouTuber NicksplosionFX.

The koopa kids send their regards.



I hate to sound like a downer. The CG effects and lighting are well-done, but the content itself felt short and contrived. The one building rising out of the ground and maybe that one bush, all in tandem, really don't reach the level of intrigue that the source one does, where it looks like a bunch of cogs assembling into the city. Assembling the castle in 3D to rise out of the canvas, or popping out in 3D from the map, IMO, would have given much more impact. Not saying I can do better, of course, as I'm not the 3D modeler on my team, but what I envisioned and what I saw didn't really coexist too well.

Edit: not quite this... white-washed, but the 3D-ness building, IMO...