DeviantART artist Hyung's extensive Disney University series takes classic Disney characters and puts them in a modern-day college setting. It's easy to imagine Pocahontas or Hercules in a scenario like this, but it gets a lot funnier when he transforms Simba, Bambi or Pinocchio.

Here are some highlights, with a LOT more over at Hyung's DeviantART gallery, where you can even grab prints of these, without the watermarks.

Aladdin. I guess he became one of those parkour guys:

Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh is now a member of the fencing team:


Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron loves Adventure Time:

No Disney gallery is complete without Elsa and Anna:


Jasmine from Aladdin:

Merida from Brave:


Quasimodo (This one's my favorite):

Rapunzel from Tangled:


Robin Hood, cosplaying as a Wood Elf:

Pinocchio (Okaaaay...):


Simba from Lion King (Alriiigght):

And finally... BAMBI! (What's going on ??!?!):


Cool Princess Mononoke references on the bag.

Disney University by Hyung86 [DeviantART]

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