French artist Laure-Marie Torre has come up with just about the best BioShock-related idea I've ever seen.

She's imagined that Rapture still exists, but that alongside the crazies, there are still regular folks down there alive as well. Instead of fighting over the place and killing everybody, she figured, wouldn't they instead just want to make some money?

And if they did, how would they do it?

With tourism. Duh.

So she designed this kit for prospective visitors to the underwater "playground", hyping it as a mysterious destination while also warning them of the dangers down there.


Shame she didn't call it "Raptours", though. That's money in the bank right there.

It's a cool idea, and one I'd like to see someone implement in the actual game. If only to see a kiosk and bike rental tent at the entrance lighthouse.

RAPTURE [Laure-Marie Torre, via OTL Gaming]