Stunning combat games like Infinity Blade and Avengers Alliance are nice and all, but they waste a lot of time in-between battles with exploration and poking at items. In Glu Mobile's Dragon Slayer you slay dragons. That's it.

You also upgrade and manage equipment and, in order to truly excel at the game, spend a large chunk of change on in-game currency, but those don't take much time, leaving you free to swipe at some truly impressive-looking specimens of dragonkind.

There are land-based dragons, air-based dragons, and boss dragons so large you'll wonder what sort of insane person your magic-wielding character is to dare to go up against them. Suspension of disbelief isn't a big priority when death-by-dragon is on the table.

Sure, it's a bit clone-y and simple and the pay wall is pretty steep, but Dragon Slayer is free and rather spectacular.

Dragon Slayer — Free [iTunes]

Dragon Slayer — Free [Android]