If Adulthood Were A Children's Toy, It Sure Would Suck

Yeah, being an adult kind of sucks sometimes. It's certainly not as much fun as being an 80's action figure!


This funny (and kinda dark) fake trailer asks the question: "What if adulthood had its own toy commercials?" My thinking is that a lot more people probably wouldn't buy adulthood, but that's just me.

If you were making an ad for your own brand of adulthood, what would it look like? (Mine would probably be lots of video game discs fighting against an army of burritos.) What does "adulthood" even mean anymore, anyway? Chat about that or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. It's almost the weekend you guys! We're almost there!


(Via Vulture)

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ugh. mine would consist of bottles of painkillers and cholesterol medication... and I'm only 32 :/