If A Game Looks This Good In GIFs, It's Doing Something Right

I am a man of simple tastes. I like games with fluid animation, and I like making animated GIFs. When I get to combine those two things, boy howdy am I a happy camper.

That's the trailer for Children of Morta, an indie dungeon-crawler from the folks at Dead Mage. Its sprites are reminiscent of that stripped-down look that really sells games like Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP and the nail-biting brawler Crawl. In it you play the Bergsons, a family charged with guarding Mount Morta.


As a good rule of thumb, if your pixel art is good enough that I feel compelled to start making GIFs for fun out of it, you are doing something very right. Here are some I made briefly after watching that trailer.


The release date is TBA, but you can follow Children of Morta's progress here.

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If one person says something along the lines of "man I'm so tired of this aesthetic" I'm going to punch a kitten.