Idiot Calls in Bomb Threat to Imitate Video Game

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Bomb threats are never fun; they scare the living daylights out of people and create massive delays at airports. One Chinese gamer, thought it would be fun to imitate the plot of a video game and decided to issue a false bomb threat against Shanghai's Pudong International Airport.

On the evening of April 27, the suspect called in the bomb threat demanding 1 million RMB ($158,541 USD). According to the police reports, the suspect had told the airport that he had planted bombs on the Shanghai to Chengdu China Airlines flight. The flight had not yet departed and was still at the gate.

According to the airport recording, the suspect enjoyed toying with authorities saying things such as: "As long as the touch of a button of my remote control, this aircraft is finished" and "Do you want my account, I will not give you the account, how do you give me money then?"


The airport immediately re-screened the passengers and luggage, reassigning the plane and designation. The whole process took over 5 hours, leaving many travelers upset and irate.

After the suspect was apprehended by the police, it was reported that his motivation for the hoax was to imitate a dialogue he heard in a video game. News reports did not disclose which game inspired him.

The suspect is now in detention awaiting trial for disseminating false information and making a terrorist threat.

模仿游戏情节 男子谎称飞机炸弹索百万元 [Tencent Game News Channel]

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