id Unleashes Impressive Rage On The iPhone [UPDATE]

During his keynote speech at QuakeCon 2010, id Software's John Carmack demonstrated Rage on the iPhone, running at 60 frames-per-second and able to "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2."

Carmack's demonstration, using the id Tech 5 engine, could possibly be the most impressive tech we've seen on the iPhone. Running on the iPhone 4 but easily run on the 3GS, the visuals indeed rivaled anything from the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox, and might even be able to give a few current-gen titles a run for their money.

(UPDATE: Carmack later clarified that his impressive demo, shown here, is not running the full id Tech 5 engine; it is using its own tech that utilizes some of id Tech 5's elements, such as megatextures, but it's not the complete id-made engine that will be used the company's PC and console editions of Rage.)


The first Rage game for the iPhone will be a small "show-off" sort of title, with a larger game due out next year to coincide with the big game's release.

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For more of Carmack, be sure to check out our liveblog of the QuakeCon 2010 keynote.

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This is great and very impressive, but all I could think of during the video was that he keeps saying "I" a whole lot, making him seem self-centered. That's not good public speaking, John. You need go hire Seteve Jobs' image coach and then blatantly disregard whatever he says whenever you send an email. I hear that does wonders for business.