Icy Weather Has Everyone Making The Same Mortal Kombat Joke

If you're in the United States anywhere north or east of Nevada right now, chances are you're cold. Some of you may be experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Which is why some people have decided that now is a great time to crack out the Mortal Kombat jokes.


Not only did George Takei share around the above image (Update: Which apparently is by Christopher Sotelo and originated here), others also chimed in. From The Colbert Report last night:

Of course, what weather meme would be complete without an animated gif, courtesy of Drawsgood?

It's not just late night jokes and photoshops. Some people on Instagram decided to take to Instagram and show off their Sub-Zero selfies.


User izzoh87


User coopdub

Although nobody went harder than this guy. Then again, he seems to be Russian. They don't screw around with the cold.


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