​Ice-T Celebrates Call of Duty Wins by Dancing with His D***

It's a good thing that the veteran rapper/actor doesn't livestream his video game sessions, huh?

During an interview with Conan O'Brien last night, Ice-T talked about his well-documented gaming habit. As you'd expect from a guy who rapped about thug life back in the day, he loves to trash-talk. But the most, um, pointed anecdote comes when he describes his victory celebration to Mr. Clueless Gamer. It involves unzipping his pants and swinging his… self around.

Ice-T might just love video games more than anybody.

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I wish ice t live streamed. He's actually a really funny dude. I listen to his podcast THE FINAL LEVEL every two weeks and it's pretty good.

Plus if he was streaming, you may just get a glimps of this in the background and it will be all worth it.