To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Flying Tristan

Mini-Bash is getting ready to change schools, leaving behind the friends he's made at his current school — especially one little girl he's quite smitten with and who's quite smitten with him.

She's written him a couple letters this week on fancy Power Rangers type stationary. (We think she chose a boyish stationary in hopes that Mini-Bash, a boy, would like it!) The letters are usually one sentence and pretty basic because the kids don't really know how to write Japanese yet. So most of the letter is a drawing.

Last night, Mini-Bash spent a couple hours drawing a picture of this little girl and himself holding hands. The plan was to give it to her today.

This morning was rough, we all woke up late and I had to drive him to school. Things were stuffed in his bag quickly and off we went. At school, as soon as he got there, he told the girl he'd written her a letter and would give it to her at lunchtime.


Lunchtime arrived on schedule, but Mini-Bash could not find the letter. He searched his bag and his pockets and got worried and sad and couldn't find it. Maybe he left it at home. Or the car.

"Did you lie about the letter?!" The girl asked.

No, he did write it, and he did bring it. Or so he thought.

Kid was de-pressed when he got off the bus this afternoon. Mopey and sad. We searched the car, no letter. His room, too. Ditto. We couldn't find the letter. It was gone.


Phoned the school, and his teacher was in a meeting. So we waited, and she called us back only to tell us that, yes, he had brought the letter to school, but it had been logged in his teacher-parent book. (In schools here, kids carry little booklets that are used to pass letter from parents to teachers and vice-versa.) The teacher logically thought that she was supposed to put the letter, which was addressed to the little girl, in her parent-teacher booklet.

Not missing a beat, we got an email from the little girl's mother. Her daughter had gotten the letter and was extremely impressed with Mini-Bash's handwriting and his drawing.

Oh, the drama, the drama.

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