I Wish Final Fantasy XV: Dog Simulator Was a Real Thing

Today at Jump Festa 2015 in Chiba, Japan, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata showed off a bit of the upcoming game's unfinished urban environment. But instead of taking a tour of the city with Noctis and the gang, he instead showed us around through the eyes of a dog. It can pee on things, you guys.


While not planned to be an actual feature in the finished game, I for one almost wish it was. I mean, who doesn't want to trot happily.

Run around town.

Or sniff through garbage.


Check out the full video below.

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I'm loving this site more and more. Ign hasn't even posted 1 thing about ff14's fan fest or jump fiesta. This article isn't the best but a female Cid, titan fight, more areas are all huge news! Thanks Kotaku!