Poor Man Endlessly Assaulted By Street Fighter Quotes

An innocent man's work life is wracked with terror, thanks to his coworker's fiendish use of startling Street Fighter quotes. I'm so glad I work from home.


Not because I think any of my coworkers would do something like this to me — they don't have the stones. No, it would be me on the other end of the smartphone caemra, and I wouldn't be holding it in portrait mode, if you know what I mean.

Guy Scares Co-Worker Every Chance He Gets (Street Fighter Edition) [YouTube via Geekologie]


I was hoping for a more demotivational spin, where the man would be verbally abused by win quotes.

"Go home and be a family man."

"You must defeat Shenlong to stand a chance."

"I will meditate and then destroy you."