Last December, From Software announced it was rolling out a Dark Souls themed cafe. Yesterday, it opened in Tokyo. Let's have a look inside.

The Dark Souls Cafe is a collaboration between the game's developer and Australian-themed eatery OZ Cafe. It's for a limited time only, serving Dark Souls themed food and drink and plastered with Dark Souls decor until April.

Japanese sites Dengeki Online and Game Watch Impress checked out the cafe, and you can see their photos below:

Dark Souls II will be released in Japan this March.

「DARK SOULS Cafe」いよいよオープン! オープニングレセプションパーティ開催[Game Watch Impress]

『ダークソウル2』をモチーフとしたカフェ&レストランが営業開始! 初日に行われたレセプションパーティの模様をレポート [Dengeki Online]

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