Halloween is right around the corner. And there's a new apartment building opening in Japan that's designed to look like a witch house. No, really.

Located in the city of Hamamatsu, the apartment complex is located in a regular residential area.

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It was designed to create a fairy tale-type feeling for everyone in the neighborhood. Asahi News reports that finishing touches are being put on the complex before residents are slated to move in during the new year.

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While Halloween has become increasingly popular in the past decade, trick-or-treating still really isn't done—or really done right, for that matter. Where it is done, the practice can feel a bit too organized, and you generally don't see kids and parents roaming the streets looking for candy.

But if the country is going to start trick-or-treating correctly (make it happen, Japan!), this year-round Halloween apartment complex is the perfect place to start.

魔女の館で暮らす? [Asahi]

Top photo: Asahi

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