"I want to go out there and prove that there is beauty to be found here." Published by our friends at Kotaku UK, here's an account of what it's like to have your hometown immortalized in RPG Maker as a "grotty drug-infested cesspit."


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Max Payne 3 immortalized my town, Hoboken, NJ, as a burned out dump where organized crime murders were a dime a dozen, which it had a reputation for 50 years ago. In reality, it's currently an upper income yuppie community with more baby carriages then then cars. I'll give them this though, they nailed the feeling of one of the old bars, the Elysian, not the layout or the name, but the ambiance. That is before it was bought out and renovated into a high end cafe. Seeing as I knew a Rockstar PR guy who lived here, I consider it more of a nod to our towns colorful history.