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I Want My 3G, But I Don't Wanna Use It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to a recent survey done by the Weekly Famitsu, for people who have purchased a PSVita, 59%* answered that they had purchased the 3G/Wi-Fi model, showing a relative popularity over the standard Wi-Fi model.

However, when asked what network they used regularly, 90%** answered that they used Wi-Fi (compared to the 5% who used the 3G network), showing a drastic disparity between the number people who bought a 3G/Wi-Fi model and the number of people who actually utilize the 3G network feature.

Of the people who purchased a 3G/Wi-Fi model, many answered that the reason behind their choice was because they wanted the GPS feature that is not included in the Wi-Fi only model. On the other hand, for those who chose the Wi-Fi model, one of the common motivators for their choice seemed to be a general aversion to the 3G payment plans.


Considering that in Japan, portable game systems are the dominant market, these numbers should give Sony marketing executives some second thoughts about how to approach the US market. Of course, seeing how in the US, the Early Start Bundle containing only the 3G/Wi-Fi model comes out before the standard Wi-Fi model, it may already be too late for second thoughts.

Note:*Out of 1,017 valid responses.
**Out of 300 valid responses.

(Top photo: Koji Sasahara | AP)