California Has Become An Unstoppable Force In Let It Die's Multiplayer

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Let It Die is full of tough enemies. Climbing the game’s massive tower is a dangerous affair. But thanks to the game’s multiplayer, there’s one monster that reigns above the rest: California.


In Let It Die, players never fight each other directly. Instead, they are able to raid each other’s home base by riding the Tokyo Death Metro. When you first sign up for the metro, you pick your home country or state. These groups are tossed into extended battles with each other with rewards handed out at the end.

To give an idea of scale, the number of players in New York rests at around nine thousand. Larger entities like the United Kingdom or Canada have around ten thousand players. California has over thirty thousand players on their team. The result is a team that has dominate most of their major battles.

California’s player numbers rest at over 30,000 dangerous fighters.
California’s player numbers rest at over 30,000 dangerous fighters.

In order to get ahead on points, you need to invade the other team and successfully raid bases. More people means more raids. It leads to some pretty big ass kickings and has rocketed California to the top of the rankings.

You can change your team once in Let It Die for free and with a slight gold fee after that. California’s numbers keep increasing. It’s gotten so high that some people speculate that California’s numbers are further inflating because players want to choose the winningest side.

Pictured: A Californian utterly wrecking my punk ass.

“You’re most likely not from that state,” a Reddit poster said of Californian players back during the start of a massive match between Cali and Canada.

“Is there any reason to not join California other than regional pride?” another asked.


At the moment, California is handily beating Brazil and France in their matches. For now, they seem on their way to another smashing victory. As their army grows, continued California domination looks like the status quo.


I guess that’s just how it’s going to be, isn’t it? I guess this is the new normal until some brave state, maybe New York I dunno maybe, takes the fight to the Californians.

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Michael Kelehan

I’ve been a Maryland resident all my life, so I picked Maryland when I reached the point where you can do the multiplayer. Once my first fight finished, and I saw the rewards (45,000 coin, 45,000 lithium, and 1-2 death metals), I looked at who gets in the most fights, and then switched to California. The rewards are just too high.

What’s the solution here? I’d say it isn’t necessarily limiting people based on geolocation, but definitely there needs to be more of a reward for being on a small team and increasing their standing.

Also, Heather, are all of your characters named after coworkers, or is that a coincidence? If they are, I hope one or two of them walk by as you retire them to make room for higher tier characters. :-)