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I Tried This $70 Sonic The Hedgehog Face Mask So You Wouldn't Have To

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Glamglow, a skincare company, released a special edition of their Gravitymud that’s branded with Sonic the Hedgehog. Last night, I smeared it on my face. It is very blue.

The Exclusive Sonic Blue Glamglow Gravitymud is a face mask meant to treat wrinkles and add firmness back into your skin. I’m 27, and while I have some minor skin problems, wrinkles aren’t particularly noticeable for me yet. Still, I love face masks, especially peel off masks, and I was really curious about what Sonic had to do with all this.


When you put this mask on, you will feel bonkers. It’s very, very blue, and it’s shimmery. Not only that, but the instructions really encourage you to heap it on (it comes with a small brush to aid you in this task). This is when I realized that it is also perfumed.


You’re supposed to let the mask sit for 20 to 30 minutes so it can dry enough to be peeled off. That entire time, I was trying to place the pungent odor it exudes. Was it stale Starbursts? A leftover blue movie theater icee? Cotton candy from hell? It was if I had covered my face in Twizzlers and was forced to sit there, enduring it.

On the other hand, when the mask was sitting on my face, I felt a very relaxing cooling sensation. Too bad the smell low-key made me want to ralph.

I peeled the mask off a little too early and had to really scrub the product off where it hadn’t quite dried. However, I did notice some changes to my skin. There was a slight reduction in the size of my pores, and my skin felt noticeably tighter. As the night went on that feeling subsided somewhat, but this morning my forehead does still feel stretched taut across my skull.

Even though I saw results, I’m not sure I would do that mask again. One, it smells awful, like children’s medicine. Two, well, every time I saw myself wearing it I began to wonder what I was doing with my life.


I cannot stress enough how blue this mask is. It’s very, very blue. Not only is it very blue, it’s not even a Sonic the Hedgehog blue. On the box, you can see that the blue of Sonic is a deep, royal blue. This mask, as it dried, turns a lighter blue, with flecks of silver. Thematically, it’s all over the place.


The Glamglow Gravitymud is also $69 for a very small pot of product. Video games are already an expensive hobby. I can’t justify adding a product that is more expensive than most games into my slowly expanding pool of makeup and masks. If you’re truly Sonic obsessed I can’t blame you for picking this up. It does work! And you know what they say: gotta go mask.