Over the weekend, temperatures in northern China reached upwards of 100 degrees Fahrenheit! That's about 40 degrees Celsius. To avoid the heat, many chose to visit public watering holes such as public pools. It appears way too many people had the same idea.

Chinese news agency Xinhua took a series of photos of one swimming pool in Taiyuan, Shanxi province. The image speaks for itself.

Sadly, none of the Chinese media outlets have given an estimate of how many people showed up in this pool. If I had to guess, I'd say that there was way too many people at the pool.

It wasn't just pools that were swamped in China. The beaches were packed to the point where you can barely see the sand in this beach in Shandong province! China Central Television reports that over 200,000 people visited the beaches in north China over the weekend.


The government has even issued a yellow warning because of this massive "heatwave".

Of course not all beaches in China are overcrowded to beyond belief. Here's a photo of a beach in Jiangsu that's not so overwhelmed.


It's a good thing that I'm a homebody. Better to stay home and play video games than traverse the beach or pool with that many people. That, and I don't have a beach bod...

中国多地迎高温局地40℃ 继续发布高温黄色预警 [CCTV]

中东部迎今年来最大范围高温天气 局地达40℃ [Xinhua via Shownews]

入伏中国多地高温 山西游泳场犹如"下饺子" [ChinaNews]

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