I Think He Can Hear You, Ray

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Greetings, Kotaku-eers, and welcome to the mid-week open-thread. I hope you survived your hump-day and are ready to begin to ease into the weekend.


Here are some fun things to check out before you get to the gabbing.


And that's that. Have good conversation!

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Went to a thrift store earlier today (this one is at Great Southern mall in South Columbus OH), and I spied a rather new-looking HP computer case with a "handyman's special" written on it, for 10.10. I was wondering why it was still there, so I take a closer look at it.

Specifically through the back of the unit. Sure enough, the motherboard was gone (and the memory and proc with it). Explains why it was still there. But I don't just stop at that. I open the side up and discover that it has its DVD-RW DL (SATA) with it....and a 320GB SATA 7200 Seagate HDD.

So I buy it (figuring if the drives don't work I could still use the case and card readers still attached). Pop the drives out and discover that the DVD-RW is a Sony Optiarc made in November of 2010 (curiously, with a beat-up Age of Mythology: The Titans expansion disc inside of it). Then I put the HDD in an external drive case I have, and sure enough, it worked too. Had a load of music of various types (much of it being country and Southern Gospel, but a considerable amount of rock from the 50s-70s (top 40). Curiously, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo were on there too (movies).

Judging from the pictures and loads of church-related info the people who owned this computer formerly are a Southern Gospel music group with a ministry. I'll probably back up the few music acts I'd be interested in and then either wipe the drives or see if I can get a mobo to match up with it all, since it has a license and a restore partition for Vista Home Premium.

All in all, not too bad.