Forget Call Of Duty, I'm Hanging Out For This Hardcore PC Shooter

Bohemia Interactive's ArmA III is out later this year, and while for many the series' super hardcore simulation slant is off-putting, for me it's just about the perfect implementation of a military shooter. Or tank sim. Or jet combat game. Or truck driving simulator.

While the finished game isn't out for another few months, an alpha has been running for a while now, which has just transitioned into a beta. This video, actually put together by a member of the series' most dedicated fan group (ShackTactical), gives us a nice rundown of all the improvements that have been made to the game since people got their hands on it, and gives a breakdown of what the ArmA series actually is.

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I still don't get how does it work. I mean, is it like planetside or like battlefield, who gives orders, why should you listen to them, how long does it take to jump into the action and don't die in 3 seconds like in original Operation Flashpoint, can you sneak behind enemy lines with a covert operation dudes?