I Still Can't Tell What's Going on in Capcom's Next-Gen Online Game

Does the protagonist hear voices, or is that just the trailer being weird? Why are they speaking German and Spanish? And what's with the boxes at the end? Deep Down, you're scarily hard to decipher. Though you do look ridiculously beautiful.


Unfortunately, still no word on when exactly Capcom's fine-looking PS4 game will arrive. When it does, there will hopefully be some answers.

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Why do all games need to be in English? Why can't there be games with other languages? That way, alot of (usa) gamers could learn German for example. Maybe that are trying to appeal less to the US and More to Europe. Since its a Ps4 exclusive i wouldn't see any why. Some of the best movies in the world are not english spoken.

And i really like the direction of this game. I hope capcom doesn't screw up.