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I Really Wanted The Other Guy To Win EVO's King Of Fighters Tournament

How’s that for not spoiling the outcome? The EVO King of Fighters XIII finals came down to a riveting battle between Japan’s Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi and China’s Zhuojun “Xiaohai” Zeng. The one I was rooting for did not win.


Despite some excellent Iori dueling and excellent use of the annoying-as-hell Chin, in the end what could have been an inspiring come-from-behind win ended up being just a little sad.

The final match starts at around the 2:21:00 mark in the Twitch archive below. Spoilers follow.

He was so damn close! During the initial rounds, when he deftly reset the standings, I was certain his momentum would carry him all the way to the championship. But no, his opponent had to shut him down.


If I am going to be reporting on this stuff, I need a little leeway to be less vague. You’ll always be my favorite, Tokido.

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Mike Fahey

On the plus side, I am in love with that stupid animated GIF up top.