I Picked The Perfect Time To Get Back Into Final Fantasy XIV

After spending the better part of 2014 exploring other MMO avenues, in 2015 I'm getting back into Final Fantasy XIV, just in time for the massive two-part pre-expansion patch 2.5, "Before the Fall."


Yesterday Square Enix released a lengthy trailer detailing the new content coming in patch 2.5, an update so large it's coming in two bits. We've got the extension of the game's story content leading up to the Heavensward expansion pack, new raids, new hard mode dungeons and more fun with the ever-ridiculous inspector Hildibrand Manderville and — in patch 2.51 — the long-awaited Gold Saucer, with its Chocobo Races and Triple Triad card games.

All I need now is (flips through characters) about 20 more levels and I'll be good to go.


Patch 2.5 should be arriving later this month, following the 12-hour maintenance kicking off at 3PM Pacific on January 19 and finishing at 3AM the following day. Hit up the Final Fantasy XIV website for a detailed look at some of the new dungeons arriving with "Before the Fall."

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The question is: did the community improve or do you still meet people who threaten to kick you out of Bahamut Coil if you dare watch the cutscenes or take a minute or two to admire the view?