More Momentum And Style: EA’s RPM-tech animation engine, which was introduced in NHL 19, has been updated further in NHL 20 to make shooting and passing animations more fluid. Players move more naturally and feel less stilted. Though I couldn’t tell you how accurate the game’s new signature shots are, not being familiar with the players whose shots they are signature to, I love the extra style.


My Goalies Are Better: The game’s goalie AI has been modified so the shot blockers are more aware of what’s going on, which is always a plus. I feel better letting the computer handle that job now. Of course, this means the other team’s goalie is better too, but you take the good with the bad.

The best thing about playing NHL 20 while being mostly ignorant about the real-world NHL is that Seamus and I are immune to experiencing other fans’ most major complaint about the game, which is that the players supposedly don’t look as much as their flesh and blood counterparts as they should. I know Wayne Gretsky, and I think there was a guy named Mario? One sec while I Google “Mario” and “Hockey”. Oh yeah, Mario Lemieux! They are the hockey players I know. As we don’t run into them in-game, Seamus and I are fine.