I Made Some E3 Predictions, Because That's What You Do on Talk Shows

Spike TV's All Access Weekly airs tonight at midnight, but you can watch it right here. Why would you? Because your Kotaku editor-in-chief is on it, chatting with host Katie Linendoll about next month's E3.

We're talking winners, losers and, uh, we're doing some guessing.

We shot this a couple of weeks back, giving Spike viewers a basic sense of what to get excited about E3. I predict we'll find out something more about PlayStation 4 at E3, but for the record, I'm out on conjecture limb on that one. That's why, when I asked to pick winners and losers for the show, I'm still not high on Sony's chances.


Nintendo? I think they'll show well. They tend to debut their new hardware's launch line-ups at E3 effectively.

Not in the segment are my mixed feelings about Microsoft, which I think will toss the Halo 4s of the world out for the hardcore gaming crowd. I believe they will again aim for more of a Wii Fit kind of mainstream buzz with whatever's next through Kinect and...are they going to show their hologram machine again? They were high on that at CES in January.

You'll be able to see a ton more about E3 starting June 4, as we kick off 17 hours of livestreamed content through our partners at Spike. We'll be streaming all five major E3 press conferences right here on Kotaku along with pre and post-show analysis by Spike's Geoff Keighley and a battery of Kotaku's finest reporters and writers.

Kotaku's E3 Rumors And Amazing Spider-Man Exclusive - Episode 110 [Spike]


If Sony announces PS4, I think they're dead in the water. They've banked on having a 10-year life cycle for the PS3, and continuously harp on that whenever asked. That means we shouldn't be seeing info on another console until 2014 *at the earliest*, for a release date in 2016. And with Vita sales as sluggish as they are, it would be a poor decision, IMO, to try to drum up excitement for yet another product.

What Sony should do to have a good E3 is announce some really awesome, solid upcoming games for Vita. Give me some Final Fantasies and Kingdom Hearts. Give me some great new first-party titles that aren't just rehashes of their console counterparts. Give me the type of things I can't get on my PS3 *or* on my 3DS.