Even Dragon Ball's Creator Isn't Always Thrilled with Dragon Ball

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When Dragon Ball is great, it’s friggin’ amazing. When it’s not, Dragon Ball is anything but. Take heart. If you aren’t happy, chances are its creator Akira Toriyama isn’t either.


As Yahoo News! Japan points out, a 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Super History Book is getting released in Japan. It features extensive Toriyama interviews and Dragon Ball drawings from other manga artists, including Hunter X Hunter’s Yoshihiro Togashi as well as One Piece’s Eiichiro Oda, and more.

In the book, Toriyama writes a message to the fans, thanking them for their support. One of the messages in particular stands out, regarding what’s happened over the years: “I got pissed at the live-action movie version [of Dragon Ball], I re-wrote an animated feature film’s script, and I complained about the workmanship of the TV anime,” Toriyama wrote. The context of this quote is him saying that he thought he was finished with Dragon Ball, but it was something he liked so much that he couldn’t just leave it alone.

So! If you hated the Hollywood Dragon Ball movie, it doesn’t sound like Toriyama was exactly thrilled with it, either. If you didn’t like the script of, and he doesn’t specify, a particular Dragon Ball anime movie, it could’ve been worse. And if you thought a particular Dragon Ball’s TV animation looked cruddy, Toriyama probably did, too.

It’s good to know that he still can get riled up over Dragon Ball. It shows he cares, that Dragon Ball still matters to him, and that there is always room for improvement.

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Lust Envy

I’m glad people here don’t have the nostalgia goggles on and see DB Super for what it is: a pathetic, poor excuse to continue DBZ. From absolutely horrendous animation (which TOEI should be completely ashamed of), to horribly thin plot, to even worse inconsistencies, such as power level fluctuations. Seriously, every enemy in Super seems to be stronger than Cell, out of thin air, including Freeza’s henchmen.

Remember when Piccolo owned Cell’s ass, who was stronger than the Androids, who were considerably stronger than Freeza? Yeah, watch Piccolo struggle against a henchmen of Freeza, who wasn’t even part of the super elite Ginyu Force. The plotholes, and everything else in this anime are an absolute joke. They don’t even try to give logical reasons here.

Also, watch how all the cool characters are buried even further into mediocrity by continuing to highlight the same two characters over and over again. I expect two or three more Sayan transformations before Super is over, because that’s all they can think of. Screw Piccolo, Krillin and the rest. They serve absolutely no purpose here, except some thin excuse to stir up drama if/when they die. But since everyone can come back over and over again, the drama doesn’t exist.

The fights? The fights haven’t changed or become interesting whatsoever. It’s the same power level penile showing off since the beginning of DBZ. There are no cool character gimmicks here. It’s all rapid punches, and fireballs. Nothing like other battle manga, where characters have interesting gimmicks and methods of defeat. Here, if you have a higher power level, you win. That’s all.

If I were a hardcore DBZ fan, I would be absolutely disgusted by Super. As a mild fan of how good DBZ used to be, I’m just utterly disappointed.

But all I see online is how cool DB Super is. Some people just don’t demand any quality whatsoever. TOEI knows it, hence why they half assed everything.

It baffles me that people are ok with Super. Truly.