This isn’t the first comparison I would make, but it looks like enough other people are doing so. On Twitter in Japan, people are comparing similar poses in Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls and Magic the Gathering.

As noted on Togetter, there’s even a hashtag for the comparisons: #モバマスの画像をアップすると近い構図のmtgのカードが送られてくる (loosely, “If I/you upload a mobile Idolmaster game image, then then I/you can get a Magic The Gathering card with a similar composition”).

The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls is an anime and free-to-play mobile game. (As pointed out, some of the cards are also from The Idolmaster: Side M, a mobile game starring male characters.)

While the kwinky-dink images are hardly exact matches, some are close enough to be similar—and humorous. The amazing thing is that people were able to find these corresponding cards!

[Photo: Nyar_Chaos]

[Photo: femur0]

[Photo: wakwakP]

[Photo: masmyan]

[Photo: femur0]

[Photo: Mirin_u]

[Photo: DINOS_DDR]

[Photo: Ayutaka]

[Photo: CocKAWASAKI]

[Photo: moron_idiot]

[Photo: 553_sia]

[Photo: bell_fly]

[Photo: luv_kraft]

[Photo: arikawakoba]

[Photo: hiro_is_a_hero]

Top photo: Altergative

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