I Hope Immortals Fenyx Rising’s First DLC Is A Lot Like Its New Bonus Quest

immortals fenyx rising when in olympos quest
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Last week, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft’s don’t-call-it-a-Zelda open-world action game, received a bonus quest. It’s short, fun, and moderately challenging. Better yet, it supposedly gives a peek at what the game’s first expansion, A New God, will look like. If you’ve slept on it, reconsider.

The quest in question, “When in Olympos,” was added to Immortals Fenyx Rising alongside last week’s 1.1 update and is billed as a preview of A New God. You can start the quest in the Clashing Rocks, right at the base of the Messenger of the Gods fast-travel location.

immortals fenyx rising portal
Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

Interacting with the portal will suck you into another realm. (Curiously, trying to activate Photo Mode will trigger a notification about how you can’t activate photo mode in Vaults of Tartaros, giving one the sense that “When in Olympos” is set in Tartaros, or some version of it.) Here, all of Fenyx’s equipment is predetermined. Even if you’ve dished out for that ridiculous Jake the Dog the Bird Adventure Time DLC, you’ll still get a preset Phosphor. Any armor you have equipped is swapped for some tacky bronze set. Your stats and unlocked moves are pre-assigned, too. On the plus side, you start out more buff than Hercules, with three stamina bars, a gazillion chunks of health, and a full suite of Godly Powers. Sorry, Jake. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

“When in Olympos” is more or less a time trial, where you have to make your way through an obstacle course defined by Grecian columns, Aegean sunsets, and floating platforms bisected by conveniently placed updrafts. The platforming sections largely demand deft control of gliding between these updrafts. Those sections are broken up by miniature arenas. Since you have every Godly Power at your disposal—and more health than one can count—the fights are a breeze. (Pro tip: Spam the Hades out of Ares’ Wrath.)

immortals fenyx rising when in olympos
Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

I clocked 7:48.54 on my first attempt. You can retry “When in Olympos,” but once you exit out, you’re done. There’s no way, as far as I can tell, to replay the mission, unless you want to load up an earlier save file.


Completing “When in Olympos” just once will earn you a White Adamantine Shard. A pop-up will inform you that Adamantine Shards can grant you a “reward” in A New God. In the meantime, it’ll give you a 5 percent damage boost for all of your weapons. You don’t have to equip it or anything. The thing just lives in your Quest Items slot, silently making Fenyx marginally more bad-ass.

I’m really enjoying Immortals Fenyx Rising, but, save for a few high-level Vaults, have found it to be relatively light on challenge. “When in Olympos” is exactly what I’ve craved. The obstacle course itself calls for some serious glider mastery, and re-running it to shave seconds off my time is a blast. I hope A New God brings even more of this to the table. (Dear Ubisoft: Please give me more prizes for faster times, though.)


The 1.1 update also ushered in multiple quality-of-life updates. Ubisoft says it added haptic feedback for combat in the PS5 version of the game. Cosmetic changes will remain applied to any gear you customize, even if you temporarily change it. Oh, and those rocking a customized button layout will be delighted to hear that inputs for “sprint” and “dodge” are no longer married. Zeus and Hera should take note.

A New God is the first of three planned expansions. The second, Myths of the Eastern Realm, is inspired by Chinese mythology and will put players in the shoes of a new hero named Ku. The third is a top-down brawler. Ubisoft hasn’t announced specific release dates for any of the expansions.


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Once I realized the shield dash and lance strike (haven’t unlocked them in the main game yet, so I’m not sure what they’re officially called) can be used as movement abilities as well, the whole challenge changed for me and became a fun puzzle rather than frustrating.