This is Glorious Mission Online. An upcoming update for the online first-person shooter allows players to defend the Senkaku Islands (aka "Diaoyu Islands" in China) from Japan.

The ownership of these islands is a hotly contested issue in Asia, with Japan scrambling fighter jets yesterday after Chinese vessels approached the islands.


As South China Morning Post explains, the upcoming content will allow players to fight against the Japanese on the islands, as well as featuring an appearance by the Liaoning, the Chinese navy's first aircraft carrier.

"The highlight of this update is the 'Defend the Diaoyu Islands' scenario," a press release on the Glorious Mission Online site reads (via SCMP). "Players entering the game will fight alongside Chinese armed forces and use their weapons to tell the Japanese that 'Japan must return our stolen territory!'"


So far, SCMP reports, the reception to the upcoming map seems mixed in China, with people excited to see the Liaoning, but adding that it wasn't appropriate to base a map on disputed territory.

"The issue of defending the islands is not a game," a Chinese gamer wrote online (via SCMP). "We shouldn’t fantasize this sort of thing."

"I'll definitely play [the new update] when it comes out," another Chinese gamer wrote online (via SCMP). "Of course [Glorious Mission Online] is not as good as the Call of Duty series ...But then again, this is the only military game sponsored by my own country ...So I should support it."

China has an established genre of patriotic "red games" that always have the Chinese winning. Then again, so do many other countries, including the U.S.

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