Last night, a new trailer hit for the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV. The internet seems to have a consensus on it: the game is looking spectacular.

There's lots of hype right now—partially because the game looks great, but also because folks hadn't seen new footage in a long while. The Final Fantasy fandom was hungry for this.


That's not to say people won't make fun of the game a bit, especially when it comes to the road-trip aspect of the game, or the design of the characters. And the extended development time is definitely a thing people like to joke about too—I mean, it's been in development since 2006. But still, the jokes are all in good fun!

Here's what the internet has to say about the new Final Fantasy trailer:

UPDATE: Chris has made the most important GIF/reference to the new trailer:

That last one is a joke, people.

(From the YouTube comments on the trailer)

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And yes, some people have even started doing fan art:

(by nijuukoo)

What about you, how did you react to the new trailer? Let us know in the comments.