I Guess Dennis Rodman is a Reason to Download a Card-Based Basketball Game

The last time I saw basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman in a way that registered with me at all was on stage at a Counting Crows / Live concert in the early 2000s. Now he's helped Hothead Games make Big Win Basketball. I'm still only mildly impressed.


I've been told the game was coordinated and developed with the assistance of Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman. I'm not clear on what exactly Rodman's contribution to the game was—Hothead's Big Win series of card-based sports game follow an established formula that's been working well for them. I'm guessing he worked on the multiplayer code. Seems like a Rodman thing to do.

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I remember meeting Dennis Rodman when I was younger in a Toys R Us parking lot, he was riding around the store in miniature motorized tricycle's with two ladies ladies who looked like the type of women you would imagine hanging out with Dennis Rodman...

I'm not entirely sure how this comment pertains to this story.