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I got to watch a slightly extended version of the Jedi: Fallen Order demo while attending EA Play in LA today. This demo began shortly before the one EA live-streamed and saw main character Cal infiltrate an imperial base on Kashyyyk by blowing the hell out of it. To begin, he scaled a vine-covered AT-AT, took control, and mowed down legions of storm troopers. This section featured a cool cinematic camera view inside the cockpit, highlighting little details like Cal’s droid kicking at the dashboard. Shortly after, he reconnected with allies and was able to explore a hub area that included the interior of a ship. He could also talk to other characters and even choose between dialogue options. These moments made the game feel a little less linear. Still: It mostly looks pretty dang linear. Other observations: For a padawan of the light side, Cal sure is a ruthless impalement-lover in battle. Also, Cal’s hair? Looks great! Wookiee hair? Looks like a PS2 texture of rotten tree bark. Give the Wookiees some of that good hair, Respawn! Hair is basically their whole thing!


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