Disney Infinity 2.0's Intro Reminds Us It's Not All Marvel

Tuesday's North American release of Disney Infinity 2.0 is all about Marvel Comics' finest, but the intro movie is totally Disney.


A showcase for upcoming classic Disney characters like Aladdin, Donald Duck, Tinkerbell and Brave's Merida was not what I was expecting when I first booted up the PlayStation 4 version of Infinity 2.0, but that's just because I had just spent the past half hour releasing Marvel figures from their plastic prisons. In retrospect it's exactly what I should have expected — the original game began with an intro/tutorial featuring characters that weren't available at launch as well.

Yes, it's an in-game ad. It's a darn effective in-game ad. I didn't want it to end, and when it was all over there was a moment — a very brief moment — when I resented Iron Man, Captain America and Thor for not being Stitch, Donald and Tink.

But no worries. The Disney-proper characters should start showing up on shelves later this fall, along with November 4's Toy Box Starter Pack.

Look for our full review of the Marvel side of Disney Infinity 2.0 tomorrow, and check out the archive of yesterday morning's stream here.


I felt slightly cheated that the whole thing boiled down to an ad for Infinity, but it definitely looked good! Also, the Groot figure looks incredible! I don't even have Infinity and I want it!

EDIT: I meant the Rocket figure! But I'm sure a Groot figure is coming at some point. It better be Baby Tree Groot, or no sale! Well...I'd probably still get adult Groot, but be less enthusiastic about it.