Nice Brawling Animations, Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Last year I was impressed with a state of the art Assassin’s Creed kiss. This year? The latest Assassin’s Creed team has upped their game with combat animations.


Enjoy some ass-kicking and some bone-crunching, folks, especially the finishing animations at the end of each of these clips:


Some of the combat animations outside of the fight clubs are wild, too. Here’s Jacob with the cane sword:

Some of the cane-sword stuff is intense. Here’s one that was posted to YouTube today by TheArkhamArchangel and highlighted on the Assassin’s Creed subreddit. Like I was saying, the animations in this game get your attention.

Not every animation in AC Syndicate goes well, but I’m nevertheless having a very good time with the game. It’s good.


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You think those are good animations? There is no weight to the females animations.

The gif is worst about it. The videos do seem to get better, but still fail imo.