Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is famous for its unique art style with characters making fabulous poses that cosplayers love to mimic. One underappreciated aspect of the manga is the interesting facial expressions. Underappreciated, except by one man.

Twitter user Sekaichizu Kinoshita has an entire twitter feed under the user name @jojogaobot dedicated to mimicking the various twisty facial expressions that appear throughout the long, long run of JoJo. From the serious looks of the main characters to the entertaining facial contortions of even the most unimportant background characters, the man has set about to imitate them all.

Obviously, some of the expressions are quite physically impossible, but the man makes due with what he can, using various props to recreate the freaky and weird faces that populate the manga. According to the user profile, "it's less about whether it's a good impression, rather I'd prefer you look and think, 'what a weirdo.'"

Currently, the twitter feed has over 400 different expressions with the collection continuously growing. With the manga still ongoing and the anime currently airing, I'm sure there'll be plenty more facial acrobatics yet to come.

ジョジョ顔bot [twitter]

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