I Don't Know What Project Hell Yeah! Is, But Sega Seems to Like It

Today Sega has revealed that they're working with Big Bang Mini developer Arkedo on something called Project Hell Yeah!, a game so exciting it requires an exclamation point. All we know so far is it will have monsters, possibly a dead rabbit, and was originally developed for the Dreamcast 2. Oh wait, they lied.

I used to know Arkedo as the developer behind Xbox Indie games like Jump, Pixel, and Swap. Now I know them as the developer not afraid to have fun with their game development. For the mysterious Sega-published Project Hell Yeah! they've set up a development blog filled with interesting insights into the whole process. For instance:

Yup, SEGA signed us. Lucky them! Such a great day for SEGA! YAY SEGA!!!

Project Hell Yeah! was originally planned for the Dreamcast 2. Or maybe we are filthy liars, making things up, and just looking for attention by stealing someone's else thunder, forging fake information just for the kicks of it. Yeah OK, we lied: there is no DREAMCAST2 planned. No Dreamcast2 at all. Never was. (We are discussing potential DREAMCAST 2 in this post). There, we believe that we have written DrEaMcAsT2 in every possible way, for our little crawling friends. And yet, still no Dr3amc4st II in sight: seems incantation does not work, either. It's a lost cause. So celebrate about our game instead, ok?


See? These are fun people.

Thanks to the blog we also know that Project Hell Yeah! will be filled with monsters, and those monsters will be filled with hate for you. Why? "And you know what "The fact that you will beat the shit out of them. Sometimes, literally."

I'm sold. Follow along with Arkedo's hijinks by following the link below.

Project Hell Yeah! [Official Website]

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