Sometime during the weekend, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood stopped working for some players. Given the game's popularity—it's currently the number one free game on iTunes—it's probably not surprising that some fans got miffed that their game time was interrupted. Even so, getting death threats over something like this is kind of ridiculous.

The outrage is mostly happening on Instagram, where Kim Kardashian posts pictures of her everyday life. To be clear: if you peruse Kim Kardashian's Instagram, you'll find that it's kind of a wasteland to begin with. Lots of people regularly argue in the comments about Kardashian's figure, Kanye, North West, or they're desperately trying to get people to visit another link or Instagram profile. In this sense, comments about her game almost seem saner than the overall reception that some photographs normally receive, if you can believe that.

Still, some of these comments—spotted by neoGAF user Jasper—are sort of absurd:

Wow. Just wow. Getting death threats over something small in video games unfortunately isn't new, but still.


If for some reason that sampling wasn't enough, you can check out more images like this here. And in case you're currently addicted to this game: it seems to work now, based on what I can tell after downloading. Still, I'd advise against spending too much time on the comments of Kim Kardashian's Instagram profile.