There aren't that many "stars" in video game voice acting, but Jennifer Hale is certainly one of them. Despite the fact that she's played leading roles in everything from Metal Gear Solid to Knights of the Old Republic, it was really the Mass Effect series that pushed her over the top. These days, whether I'm hearing her voice in Avatar: The Last Airbender or Diablo III, I'm really just hearing commander Shepard.

Minor BioShock spoiler follows.

I'd like to think that I can identify Hale's trademark delivery anywhere, but I have to admit I completely missed her appearance as a very important character in BioShock Infinite. It wasn't until the credits rolled that I realized that she played Rosalind Lutece, one of the oh-so-mysterious Lutece twins that Booker runs into many times over the course of his adventure in Columbia.

Just goes to show, a true professional voiceover actor can fade into the scenery when needed. It's worth taking another moment to watch this video reel and marvel at Hale's range: