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Have you ever taken part in a Steam review bombardment? Or whatever else you might call a concerted effort to leave a negative or positive mark on a game’s Steam page via reviews, tags, etc? I’d love to hear why. Send me an email at or, if you’re comfortable with it, leave a comment.


Kuili J8i9

I did for Skyrim. Only game I did, though. Otherwise I let the game review speak for itself.

Why Skyrim? Because if that mod bullshit, as it stood at the time, stuck the next Elder Scrolls would have been a wash in SO many ways. Having developers rely on first YEAR patches AND DLC to pick up the slack on their development already is fucking things up. Adding paid mods where the publisher/developer has SUCH a profitable reason to collude? (And they would in time, no doubt)


Also, Skyrim really isn’t super great without mods. Most rate Skyrim so well BECAUSE of mods. Elder Scrolls games increase in popularity and ratings, outside of mindless critic ones, the longer they’re out. It’s obvious it’s not the DLC for Skyrim, because it largely sucks, so it’s the mods. And I say mindless critic ratings because there’s a lot to be critical with Skyrim but few “professional” reviewers take the series to task, namely about persistence of consequence and how the “side” game of ES always has more meat than the main part, but yet has the least persistence.

Ruin the mods, ruin the full potential of the game.

I could have review bombed Dead or Alive but I gave it a positive rating, despite it not being fully shipped or equatable to current gen consoles solely because I want more DoA on PC, and done properly. Negative review bombing would have been counter to that purpose. Ulterior motives in reviews go both ways.

So, yeah, game reviews are always bullshit but you still get truth out of them if you read more than one. Review bombs do have legitimacy in that they do work, to a point, and an opinion is an opinion doesn’t matter how it’s presented or if you have problem the way it’s presented. Anyone who has sold something on Steam and see it go sour, at least if it’s newer, knows this. So, best to listen to community feedback however painful and stupid it is presented.