Preorder The Master Chief Collection from Dell to get a $25 Dell gift card. That's not as universally useful as say, an Amazon or Target credit, but since Dell sells games you can find a use for it, and there won't be a better offer. [Master Chief Collection]

Don't want the Dell gift card? Preorder from Microsoft to get a $10 gift card instead.

75 years. 700 pages. 2000 images. Hardcover. $85 or more off MSRP. [ 75 Years of Marvel: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen]

The Logitech G710, down $90 today (or less with Visa Checkout) is a variant on one of your favorite gaming keyboards, with delightfully clicky MX Blue Switches and solid construction. [G710]

Use code VISACHECKOUT if going that route.

Monoprice's DJ-style over-ears were already one of the best deals in headphones, but they're on sale today direct from the source, with free shipping. [Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones, $20]

Boasting even faster performance than the crowd-favorite 840 EVO, Samsung's 840 Pro SSD will completely transform your computing experience. $135 for 256GB is an all-time low. [Samsung Electronics 840 Pro Series 2.5-Inch 256GB SATA SSD, $135]

While it's technically a worse price per GB, the 512GB model is also at an all-time low. [Samsung Electronics 840 Pro Series 2.5-Inch 256GB SATA SSD, $280]

In perhaps the least-surprising vote ever, Eneloops ran away with the title of Best Rechargeable Batteries.

It might be too big to keep with you at all times, but this highly-rated RAVPower 14,00mAh external charger is great for camping, power outages, and long flights. It's never a bad idea to keep one around. [RAVPower Deluxe External Battery CHARGER 14000mAh, $30]

$85 for Braun's 350cc shaving system is a great deal on its own, but Staples is throwing in a free mobile shaver to boot. [Braun Shaver 350cc with Bonus Mobile Shaver, $85]

From afar, these Bluetooth speakers look like simple blocks of wood; perhaps some kind of minimalist IKEA decoration. Take a closer look though, and there's a lot going on.


Both the dark and light model feature an LED alarm clock on the front that seems to glow straight through the wood, and Bluetooth speaker built into the sides. The slightly more expensive dark one adds a USB charging port, and even NFC for easier pairing with your phone. If any of that sounds appealing, they're both absolute steals at $35 for the light model, and $39 for the dark, today only. Check out the details below.

GOgroove Bluetooth Stereo Speaker & Wooden Alarm Clock with LED Time, NFC Pairing, USB Charging ($39) | Best Buy

GOgroove Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker & Wooden Alarm Clock w/ LED Time, Temperature Display ($35) | Amazon | Use code SAVETYMS

If you haven't bought your Halloween candy yet, Amazon is clearing out their inventory with some great prices. [Amazon has Started Their Last-Minute Halloween Candy Clearance]


Still need a costume? [Walmart is Beginning Their Annual Halloween Costume Clearance]


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