I know, you know, we all know, Project CARS looks amazing. I'm not here today to try and educate you. I'm just here to revel in its beauty.

Yeah, screenshots are usually iffy, often spiced up at the hands of artists, but the thing about these is that they're not the work of developers, or marketing. They're shots taken by those already playing the game. Everyday folks with consumer computers taking screenshots look almost indistinguishable from photographs.


While these aren't gameplay images - you can't drive a car while looking at it from the side - this is indeed what stuff like the replay mode looks like for many PC users.

Project CARS is an upcoming racer for the PC, 360, PS3 and Wii U. Obviously, it's only the PC version that's looking this shit hot. If you're wondering why people (like myself) are already playing it, it's got a weird funding/development model you can read more about here.

Note: these are big screens, so click on "expand" if you want to check out the detail (or snag yourself some new wallpaper).